We are a Seattle girls lacrosse club focused on skill development, fostering sportsmanship, and promoting a love for the game.

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Provide an opportunity for Seattle area youth girls to learn and play lacrosse in a team environment regardless of skill level, by creating a positive atmosphere that allows players to develop technically, tactically, physically, and mentally in order to compete at their highest level of lacrosse.

Promote a love for the game, create an environment of teamwork and sportsmanship, work hard and enhance skills for the next level of play.

QAQS Lacrosse Values
Playing and coaching as models of youth athletics
Being ethical, open and honest
Honoring the players, teammates, our opponents, officials and the sport of Lacrosse
Understanding to put the needs of the group ahead of oneself and working together in harmony for the common goal
All participants possess the ability to influence, motivate and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the team and club
Pledging to be fully engaged in the program and putting out ones best effort in all aspects
Growing together and having confidence in the reliability of one another regardless of ability or stature